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SEO Audit


A deep SEO audit which covers everything from technical & on-page factors to off-page factors and analytics.

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A complete SEO audit

 SEO can’t be done without a regular SEO audit to uncover the most important points of leverage on your website.

The SEO audits offered here are all done by hand and go deep into various on-page, off-page, technical and analytical SEO factors. It also covers both qualitative as well as quantitative points to ensure nothing is missed.

A complete SEO audit helps identify weaknesses in your current setup, and the most important points of leverage that can get you the biggest and fastest results.


On-page SEO

All important on-page factors are covered in the audit. This goes as far as manual analysis of each seperate page in some cases.


Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO goes far deeper than just backlinks and social signals. Your other digital marketing channels will also be examined to ensure nothing is being wasted. 


Technical SEO

The least-sexy part of the audit. The technical parts of the audit are the bread and butter to any SEO campaign. This may not be what pushes you up but it can certainly be what’s holding you down!



Deep analytic analysis of your website uncovers a treasure trove of information. This isn’t limited to SEO and the insights gathered can support other marketing efforts and sometimes even unrelated areas of your business.

SEO audit

The Process

Research & information

All information needed to perform the SEO audit is gathered. This is everything from the analytics accounts to supporting documents or marketing plans/strategies. Research is also started into your competitors and industry as a whole.

Audit creation

In this step, the SEO auditing is completed. All aspects of your SEO campaign are covered both qualitatively as well as quantitatively. All SEO audits are delivered with a one-page overview and an explanation to ensure you know where to focus your SEO efforts for the best results.


 Once the SEO audit is complete, you receive it in the form that you choose and there’s time to discuss any questions you may have about the contents of the audit.


I don’t offer a set fee for SEO-audits as the amount of work varies massively from one website to another. A simple audit can be completed in an hour or two. However, the deeper an audit goes the longer it will take and the more valuable the information will be.

If you’re a smaller business, the website will be smaller and the depth that is needed will be less than for a larger organisation.

Please shoot me a message with some information about your business to receive a quote!


Price indication: A complete SEO audit usually ranges from $350 to $1500 (£280-£1190 or €310-€1325) for “normal-sized”/”average” websites. That being said, prices can be exceptionally more or less than this. 

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