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Need well-optimized content written/edited by humans, for humans? If so, then my copywriting services might just be what you’re looking for. Work with a copywriter with over 6 years of experience writing website content for brands in a broad range of industries.

Bram Vergouwen

Hire a copywriter

When you hire a copywriter, you save time and costs writing your website content while also ensuring it’s SEO optimized and reads great.

However, it’s not always easy finding the right copywriting services for your business.

Not only do you need a copywriter that knows how to write for the web, but they also need to match your brand tone and voice.

Not to mention knowing how to optimize content for search engines.

And then there’s the quality of the information provided in the content itself, which needs to be expert-level and explained clearly so that anyone can understand it.

In short – you need a web copywriter with significant knowledge of (& experience in) SEO as well as your industry.

With over six years of experience writing website content in a broad range of industries as well as managing/consulting on my client’s SEO campaigns, I’m confident I can help you with your content.

My copywriting services are focused on marketing, business and tech-related content, although I do accept other industries if I feel I have the knowledge/experience required.

If you’re looking for a freelance copywriter to help write, edit and/or optimize your website content, please feel free to reach out to find out how I can best support your business.


The pricing of my copywriting service varies depending on the amount of time the content takes to write. There’s a big difference between writing a product page with the features and benefits already lined up or writing a long-form article with multiple interviews and thorough research, so there’s not really any set price I can mention in this section.

That being said, if you’re interested in my freelance copywriting services then feel free to shoot me a message. I offer pricing per word or set rates per article/project.

For small businesses, agencies and organizations

My freelance copywriting services are suitable to small businesses, agencies and larger organizations who are looking for high-ranking informational content for their website in the area of marketing, business or tech.


Although I focus on the three industries mentioned below, if you are looking for content in another industry and feel like we’re a good fit, feel free to reach out. I’ve written content in a vast range of industries before deciding to specialize and I do accept clients in other industries on occasion if I feel like I have the knowledge/experience required.


With 6 years of experience working as a freelance SEO/digital marketer, I’ve helped companies in a broad range of industries improve their digital marketing efforts. On top of that, I love writing and researching marketing-related topics!


Over the past 6 years, I’ve written content for a broad range of business service providers, including investment funds, accounting/legal firms, business consultancy companies and more. This experience as well as the knowledge that comes with it made choosing it as one of my areas of specialization an easy choice.


Working with websites and SaaS businesses as an SEO and content writer over the past 6 years has helped me gain a significant amount of knowledge on a broad range of tech subjects. On top of this, I also hold various cyber security, information management and web development certifications and have worked with a range of tech companies/funds, often writing about their products/investments.

These services cover

Some examples of the types of web copy I write include:


Blog posts

Writing and/or editing long-form blog posts on the topics of marketing, SEO, tech and business.



Writing and/or editing whitepapers and case studies meant for a diverse range of media channels.



Promotional and/or commercial eBook writing/editing (limited to informational/educational content – not fiction)


Service/product pages

Product page/service page copywriting and/or editing, including SEO optimization like other website content..


Informational web pages

Editing/writing informational web pages for your business website, platform or blog.



Other forms of written content, including video scripts, course materials, internal SOPs etc.

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“Bram is a great Digital Marketing professional to work together with. (...) he’s been delivering exceptionally good content consistently. I can highly recommend his services!”

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“Bram is a true SEO expert and a great copywriter! He delivered an excellent article and did everything to meet my requirements 100%. Highly recommended!”

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"Professional, high-quality work delivered as promised and great communication. Would work with him again in the future."

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