Why diversify your marketing channels?

It’s no secret that big tech likes to throw spanners in the works, especially when it comes to how small businesses use their platforms. Facebook business pages used to get a ton of organic engagement, only to be nearly killed off entirely in favor of a pay-to-play model via Facebook Ads. Other social media channels seem to have followed suite, with organic engagement quickly diminishing as they attracted more users.

And if you think you’re safe if you rely on search to get your traffic and sales, then think again!

Google is notorious for heavy-hitting algorithm updates that tank organic traffic for months and severely impact the revenues of, in particular, small business owners. With many major changes to search expected over the coming years, it’s likely to be a turbulent time.

Although all of these “mainstream” marketing channels still have value and can drive a good amount of traffic and sales to your business, being too reliant on any one of them can form a major risk to your business.

Marketing channel diversification aims to broaden your reach and ensures you have a presence on multiple channels to ensure you’re in a better position to deal with industry-wide changes.

Marketing channel diversification services cover:

  • Understanding your business model and brand
  • Researching your competitors and the marketing channels they use
  • Researching your target audience and the platforms they use
  • Researching which alternative marketing channels suit your situation
  • Identifying the best-value alternative channels to enter
  • Support in entering this new marketing channel and integrating it into your broader marketing campaign

Advantages of diversification and alternative marketing channels

  • Potential for reduced ad spend
  • Potential for increased organic reach compared to larger marketing channels
  • Less reliant on big tech platforms
  • Grow a following on up-and-coming channels before your competitors
  • More agile overall marketing strategy


Pricing varies from one situation to another depending on your goals, the amount of time it will take and the current state of your existing marketing channels. That being said, I can provide a clear set price prior to starting the work to ensure you know exactly what you’re paying. This could be a price for a single project or an hourly rate depending on your situation/preferences.

Please reach out to me for a quote and/or more information about this service.

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