More than just Google search reputation management

Has your reputation in Google search taken a hit recently? Or do you want to improve your online reputation?

If so, SEO reputation management services can make a difference!

Reputation management and restoration works to improve your online reputation, in turn resulting in a more positive reputation on Google and other digital platforms. My services extend beyond just Google and cover other search engines like Bing too, as well as other marketing channels like social, forums and mentions in small, medium or large publications. This ensures a holistic approach to managing/recovering your online reputation.


Pricing varies from one situation to another depending on your goals, the amount of time it will take and the current state of your online presence. That being said, I can provide a clear set price prior to starting the work to ensure you know exactly what you’re paying. This could be a price for a single project, or a recurring monthly fee to manage your reputation long-term.

Individuals looking to improve their online reputation enjoy a discount

I offer steep discounts to individuals who, for example, are suffering from slander or negative search results due to sharing the same/a similar name to someone, or who are struggling to get a job due to similar issues. If you’re facing an issue like this, feel free to reach out.

Top-rated everywhere

Including PPH, Freelancer, Clutch and GMB

Five-star review rating on freelance platform PPH
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Five-star review rating on freelance platform Freelancer

Who are these services for?

Reputation management can be beneficial for both companies and individuals. Basically, anyone who would like their online reputation to be improved, recovered or restored. Reputation recovery services and reputation management services are both covered on this page and are both services I offer.

Local vs national/international

These reputation management and reputation recovery services are suitable to both local and national/international businesses. Although most of my SEO efforts are targeted towards national and international SEO, I also work as a reputation management consultant to local businesses. Although the individual tasks and the way they are carried out is different, much of the overarching strategies are the same/similar.

How does it work?

There are a number of steps that can be taken to improve your online reputation, but they differ from one situation to another. Some of these steps include contacting webmasters who are hosting incorrect information about you/your company, improving the amount of positive news on you/your company, working with you to develop a strategy for collecting more positive reviews and building your social media presence, among many other things.

If you’re interested in finding out which steps can be taken in your specific situation, please shoot me a message.

The results

  • Increases the number of positive search results that are found when searching your name or brand name.
  • Improve your online presence across the broader internet, including social media, (news) publications and other sites.
  • Remove search results (in some cases) or ensuring less emphasis is placed on negative news/search results.
  • Strengthen the position of your positive search results to ensure future negative publicity does less damage.

Benefits for your business can range from more web traffic from search to more leads and conversions due to your improved reputation. A solid reputation can do even more than this, however, often leading to an easier time attracting top-talent top your business, winning larger contracts/project and increasing your customer CLV.

Work with an online reputation manager to improve your web presence

Each situation is different so I always tailor my online reputation management and recovery services to your needs. This ensures you enjoy the benefits of this service without all of the unnecessay things that usualoly go with it.

Want to find out how my reputation management service can help your business grow? Shoot me an email or schedule a call!

With search engine algorithms constantly changing, from Google and Bing to Yahoo and others, working with someone specialized can help you keep up.

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