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“Great freelancer - very knowledgeable - can definitely recommend!”

Teemu P. - EsportsResults

“Bram is a great Digital Marketing professional to work together with. (...) he’s been delivering exceptionally good content consistently. I can highly recommend his services!”

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"High quality work, delivered fast with a lot of professionalism. Very good cost for value. Extremely satisfied of Bram's work."

Independent Digital Marketing Consultant

As a freelance digital marketing consultant with over six years of experience, I can help your business improve your results online. These services provide you with an independent online marketing consultant to help you optimize your digital marketing campaign. This can include strategy consulting on various channels like SEO and diversification, but can also consist of channel-specific tasks and advice.

Whether you’re looking for ad-hoc support or have a specific project in mind – I’d love to hear from you!. Please reach out to me for a quote tailored to your business.


Areas of expertise

As an independent online marketing consultant, I have a broad area of expertise. Below are a number of the most important ones:

  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Digital PR
  • Alternative marketing channels
  • Digital marketing diversification
  • Marketing process automation


Ad-hoc consulting services are priced hourly or per project. This only includes hours I am actually working, rounded to the nearest 30 minutes – I do not bill for emails or answering any questions you might have about the services. A set price can be agreed upon prior to starting the project to ensure you know what you’ll pay beforehand.

If I already have a good understanding of your business/website due to having previously performed other services, discounted rates for existing clients or long-term projects can be negotiated. Please contact me for more information.

Digital support

Digital marketing is difficult and comes with a lot of challenges and frustration. Sometimes, a helping hand is more than welcome. A digital marketing consultant can help you grow your presence online and reduce wasted effort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

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