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Long-form content that’s SEO-optimized and helps you get in front of the right people.

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Optimized and kicking

Content that performs

Your website content, social media content and blog posts are vital parts of your online marketing strategy.

You need engaging and helpful content that will entice your reader into investing in your brand.

Above all, you need content that performs!


well researched

Not only will your topic be researched thoroughly, but your competition will too! 



The keywords you choose have a huge impact on the effects you see from your website content. Your content will be catered towards the right search intent and written to beat your competition.


In-line with your brand's voice

You have a voice and I’m here to make it heard.

Someone who cares for your business

These services provide you with someone who cares for your business. This ensures better overall service and extra attention to detail. This simply isn’t provided by content mills or large copywriting companies.

Extra revisions

You come first in anything that I do and if you aren’t happy with anything, I’ll happily provide extra revisions until you are satisfied.

Added marketing support

There’s much more to writing content for the web than just writing some text, and I want my clients to truly see the benefit from my work. I offer additional marketing support in the form of advice to my clients if I see anything that can help.

Copywriting and content writing are both closely linked to user experience, PPC, SEO, and many other marketing practices. Being an online marketer, I take everything into account when working on your content!

A clear price!

Small changes happen during a project, not everything always goes to plan, and you shouldn’t pay for these nuances. Therefore, I offer a set fee. This allows for effortless collaboration.

Honesty = policy

If you already have good website content, I’ll tell you! If you just want your copy edited, I won’t charge you as if I am rewriting the whole thing…

On the contrary, if your copy does need rewriting, or has major flaws I will point them out and be up-front about that too!

Honesty means you get more value for your money and can rest easy knowing someone has your back!

No outsourced writing

All writing is done exclusively by me, so the quality is consistent. There is an option to outsource design if need be, to a hand-selected freelancer (images for blog posts and social media posts for example).

COntent writing

The Process

Research & Analysis

First, your keywords and competition are researched thoroughly. This ensures you have the best chance of ranking and getting in front of the right people


You receive a layout that shows what’s going to be included in the article. When this is approved, the writing process begins and you receive your article as soon as possible!


If there is something that you’d like to see added or edited, then there’s the possibility for revisions at the end of the process. Anything suggested will be discussed.


There is no set fee as every project differs depending on the nature of the work.

There are multiple billing models I use and I always try to stick to the model that’s beneficial for you.

Why? – Because I don’t want confusion when it comes to pricing.

Not all work is tangible so often a project price or price per word is preferred. 

This will prevent any confusion and ensures everyone is satisfied.



Per word

A set price per word is beneficial when the research-time is unknown. It also helps to specify the cost of an article/project beforehand. 


Per project

Pricing per project is the same as pricing per word, only it can include things like recurring monthly work, larger-scale work or extra’s like social media posts and copywriting.


per hour

Working at an hourly fee is preferred for work that isn’t delivered online or in my own time. This is often the case with work that’s on location.

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