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Vergouwen Media

Due to client-work moving more towards freelancing, I’ve moved all my client work to this site. On, the focus is solely on digital product development.

What’s the difference?

Vergouwen Media

Since I only outsource a portion of my work in full disclosure with my clients, I decided the portraying an agency when in actuality working as a freelancer wasn’t serving my clients or myself. All services, including SEO services, reputation mangement services, digital marketing services and consulting services have since been moved to this site.

Ever since, has been dedicated solely to my product development work. We hope to launch our first (real) digital product at the start of 2021 and have a few others already in the pipeline.



What is product development? is solely dedicated to the development of digital products. Digital product development encompasses all aspects of the development and launch of digital products, including the initial strategy, business and marketing plans, programming, launch and growth.

Why not just do everything on the same site?

Since all services are essentially performed as a freelancer I no longer felt it was helpful to portray an agency. Since the product development is done with multiple companies/freelancers, I felt it was right to split these two things up and dedicate a site solely to the product development.


Please visit VergouwenMedia’s website or my contact page for more information.