Recover from a damaged online reputation

Reputation recovery services


Recover from a negative online reputation. Replaces negative search results with positive ones. Great for companies and individuals looking to remove negative search results.

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Remove negative search results

Recover your online reputation

Reputation recovery services are meant for companies or individuals who are suffering from negative search results on Google

These reputation recovery services help to remove negative search results and replace them with positive search results about you as a person or brand.


Remove negative search results

Remove negative search results caused by bad press, online blackmail/bullying or mistakes you made in the past


Replace with positive search results

Ensure that when your employer or client searches for your name, they are met with positive information about you or your brand 


Protect from future issues

During the reputation recovery we also work to solidify the positive search results on the top few pages, helping to reduce the effect of negative press in the future

Reputation recovery

What is done?

REmove/reduce negative search results

First, we work to remove or reduce the negative search results that are found when someone searches your name or brand name.

Add new positive search results

Next, we work to add as many positive search results as we possibly can. This helps to reduce the number of negative search results that can be found and helps people searching for your name or brand name find valuable positive information on you.

Strengthen the positive content

Lastly, we strengthen the search results with the positive content, ensuring they show up at the top of the search results and have more chance of staying there if you receive any more bad press.


There is no set fee for the reputation recovery services as it depends on the current state of the search results and the number of pages that have to be cleaned.

Please shoot me a message to receive a quote! Reputation recovery services are a one-time service, so there’s no need to pay a monthly fee after the work is completed.


Note: I offer a discount to individuals. Extra discount is given when the negative search results are from issues/mistakes in their personal life (social media images, embarrassing/damaging content from when they were young etc) or the negative search results are in no part their own fault (other people with the same name, bullying/blackmail etc).

All cases are treated with discretion, regardless of the situation. 


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