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Outsource your entire SEO campaign, including off-page, on-page, technical and local.

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Managed SEO

Outsource your SEO for the best results

With SEO becoming more and more complicated, it’s difficult for business owners to keep up. By outsourcing your SEO campaign, you ensure the best chances of search engine success.

These managed SEO services are designed to free you from all of the work that usually comes with search engine optimization. 


Save time & focus on your core-business

Most companies and contractors simply don’t have the time to keep their marketing up to date. Focus on your core-business and get better SEO results by going for a managed SEO service. 


Better results

 By hiring an SEO freelancer, you get better results than you would doing the work yourself.


More traffic

Increase your website traffic and the number of leads coming into your business.

Someone who cares for your business

These managed SEO services provide you with someone who will truly care for your business, ensuring a better overall quality and more attention to detail.

Added marketing support

All clients I work with enjoy extra support on their other marketing channels, and the opportunity to ask any questions about their marketing. 

A clear price!

I offer a clear price for my managed SEO services. No supprises when you receive the invoice.

Honesty = policy

Nothing more to be said.

managed SEO

The Process

Research & Analysis

The best keywords to target are researched and your external listings and proterties are reviewed. A complete SEO audit is also performed to detail the most important improvement points.

Monthly services

Based on the results of the research and analysis, a monthly retainer is agreed upon with you and the optimization will begin. 

Monthly/bi-monthly report

You receive a monthly or bi-monthly report depending on the retainer we’ve agreed on. This allows you to keep an eye on the changes that are being made without having to spend too much of your time on it.


There is currently no standard fee for managed SEO services since the amount of work varies per company/industry. 

Shoot me a message if you’re interested in my freelance SEO services and we’ll agree on a budget together.



Monthly retainer

Work performed on a monthly retainer is generally most effective. This allows me to plan the work as efficiently as possible. 


per hour

Working at an hourly fee is usually preferred for work that isn’t delivered online or in my own time. This is often the case with work that’s on location.

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