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SEO Audits

Sometimes you’re busy, or lacking the expertise necessary to help your clients get the optimal results. By outsourcing your client’s SEO audits, you can be sure you know exactly what needs to be done in order to get them the results they need.

I offer special rates for SEO Audits to agencies. They’re great for web agencies and marketing agencies.


Content writing

Keeping up with the demand of blog posts and website content can be gruelling at times. By building relationships with freelancers you can quickly and easily scale your content marketing services.

I offer special content writing rates for agencies. Great for web-development agencies and digital marketing agencies, among others. 

Marketing consulting

Marketing consulting is very broad and can range from all-round or channel specific audits to analytics evaluations. If you are having specific issues, please shoot me a message and I’ll see what I can do for you!


From time to time I offer other services to agencies. This really depends on the kind of work you’re after, but I’d love to hear your suggestions!


Don’t let clients walk…

External support can help you meet demand when times are busy.

Whether you’re feeling the pressure of busy times or don’t quite have the numbers to hire someone full-time, hiring a freelancer can help make life easier.


I love working with gung-ho agencies that are always busy. The fast-paced work and short deadlines keep me on my toes and keep things interesting.

If you’re one of these agencies, then I’d love to support you and your clients!


What can you help out with?

Anything digital marketing related, but especially…

Content writing

SEO Audits

Keyword research

Analytics Audits

Digital marketing audits

channel-specific Audits

Branding audits

DIgital marketing consulting

General marketing work


What are the reasons agencies use these services?

Specialist knowledge

Specialist knowledge can help you deliver the best results to your clients.

Busy times

When times are busy, it pays to have relationships with flexible freelancers.

Language barriers

Some companies need work delivered in Dutch or English for their clients.

Larger network

Building relationships in your industry always pays off!

Mo/Tue/Wed/Thu/Sa and a half day on Friday between 09:00 and 17:00 Central European Time. For agencies I already have an existing relationship with, I’m available almost 24/7 on WhatsApp & Email. Working hours/days are flexible to some extent. Trust me… I’m used to it ūüėČ

 Projects/tasks are accepted on a first come, first served basis. For agencies I have an existing relationship with, my schedule is far more flexible than for new projects.

I ask that any projects that require my working days/hours to be changed are communicated well beforehand (for example, crawling a website during less-busy times, or for clients in the US/Asia/Aus where timezones can be a pain). This is limited to my availability at any given time.

Tight deadlines:

I only accept projects with very tight deadlines from agencies I already have an existing relationship with. This is because I know their expectations and am sure that there won’t be any issues with communication, payment, changes etc.


NDAs are great, no problem there. I can deliver you a signed copy of an NDA at any given time, or am more than happy to sign yours too!

Non compete agreements I sign on occasions. Personally, I feel it’s a bit old fashioned, but can understand why a company might like an agreement like this to be signed. If this is needed, please discuss this with me beforehand. I won’t sign anything that I feel will limit me in future, or work with an agency that wants me to ūüėČ It goes without saying that you don’t contact other people’s clients.

¬†Other legal docs are usually fine… Shoot me a message anytime!


Yep, that’s a thing…

They’re sent a few times per month depending on when I get round to it.


Pricing  (Please read entire section!)

Agencies get flexible fixed pricing. This means prices are tailored to each project independently, and then set for that project. 

This prevents the price from rising above what you’ve budgeted, but still allows flexibility in the amount you pay.

A price per hour is fine in some cases too, and can also be fixed prior to each project, or billed hourly depending on what we agree.



You’re an agency, so you understand that a blog post can take 30 minutes or 30 hours to write. You understand that an SEO audit can take an hour, or can go so deep that it takes multiple days of full-time work.

I could be stubborn and say I charge X per word, Y per audit, and Z for everything else, but that wouldn’t make sense. Half of you would be severely overpaying and the other half severely underpaying.

Another reason is that I prefer to take responsibility for lost time or inaccurate estimates of how long it takes. I’d much rather spend an hour or two longer and then reevaluate the budget afterwards, than drop a bill on your desk that you weren’t expecting and aren’t happy with.


I want clarity!

 Then shoot me a message!

Once I understand what you need to get done I can give you clarity asap.

If you’re reading this, you probably get the strangest requests from clients, and can occasionally use support on other tasks different to the services I offer. So, here’s a not-so-complete list of other things I can do if need be:

– WordPress (No expert but can get by on both the front & back end)

– Social media (Not all too difficult, just not a fan myself. Always happy to help existing clients where needed.)

– PPC Advertising (Used to offer this, got too crowded in my opinion but happy to help existing clients.)

– Other (sure… I’ll give it a shot. Good chance I’ve done it in the past at some point already.)

These aren’t services I offer, but they are things I’m more than happy to do for agencies I already have an existing relationship with if needed.¬†


Agencies I don’t click with¬†

Not common, but have run into a few lately… It happens.


Agencies or people that hide behind their computer screen in a basement somewhere

¬†Please ensure you have a website and one or two social profiles where I can easily identify who I’m talking to and what company it is. Be ok to pick up the phone and call if needed… I’m not a fan either as it eats up time but it’s important.


The unreasonable

¬†I’m a big fan of being reasonable. We’re all people, mistakes can happen. In fact, they will happen… from both sides. If you’re a little late to pay, have accidentally¬†assigned me the wrong project, or aren’t happy with my work – no worries! We’ll figure something out.

But please, be and stay reasonable.



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