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SEO Audits

Sometimes you’re busy, or lacking the expertise necessary to help your clients get the optimal results. By outsourcing your client’s SEO audits, you can be sure you know exactly what needs to be done in order to get them the results they need.

I offer special rates for SEO Audits to agencies. They’re great for web agencies and marketing agencies.


Content writing

Keeping up with the demand of blog posts and website content can be gruelling at times. By building relationships with freelancers you can quickly and easily scale your content marketing services.

I offer special content writing rates for agencies. Great for web-development agencies and digital marketing agencies, among others. 

Marketing consulting

Marketing consulting is very broad and can range from all-round or channel specific audits to analytics evaluations. If you are having specific issues, please shoot me a message and I’ll see what I can do for you!


From time to time I offer other services to agencies. This really depends on the kind of work you’re after, but I’d love to hear your suggestions!


Don’t let clients walk…

External support can help you meet demand when times are busy.

Whether you’re feeling the pressure of busy times or don’t quite have the numbers to hire someone full-time, hiring a freelancer can help make life easier.


What can you help out with?

Anything digital marketing related, but especially…

Content writing

SEO Audits

Keyword research

Analytics Audits

Digital marketing audits

channel-specific Audits

Branding audits

DIgital marketing consulting

General marketing work


What are the reasons agencies use these services?

Specialist knowledge

Specialist knowledge can help you deliver the best results to your clients.

Busy times

When times are busy, it pays to have relationships with flexible freelancers.

Language barriers

Some companies need work delivered in Dutch or English for their clients.

Larger network

Building relationships in your industry always pays off!

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