Your network is everything!

Networking for the open-minded

If you’re an open-minded person who’s willing to build relationships with like-minded individuals, I want to get in touch with you!

raise your game!

Find work, investors, buyers, business partners, freelancers, employees, professionals and much more!

Are you an entrepreneurial person? Do you actively strive to create change? Are you always open to suggestions and new ideas, no matter the industry or whether or not you’re interested?

If so, I’m looking for you!

This is meant to build relationships and see how we can help each other out. Nothing is guaranteed and I can’t promise anything, but one more well-connected contact is always worth an email!

Interested? Email me on hello[at] To find out more about the process, read on!



Build your network

Building your professional network is always worth your time. Whether you’re a freelancer or the CEO of a large organization, I’d love to get in touch with you and see how we can help each other out. My network consists of a wide array of different people and I’d love to include you in it. There are no guarantees, but if you ever need anything I’d love to take a look in my network for you to see if I can help.

It’s completely free!

To learn more about the process and what direction I plan on taking my networking, please read on.


Find business partners

Good networking helps to get you where you want to go and helps in creating change. Finding the right business partner makes all the difference in the success of your idea. As is always the case with networking, there are no guarantees, but I’d love to dive into my network and see if I can help you out!

To understand what joining the network means for you, please read on!


Find Investors

Finding investors isn’t all too difficult, but sometimes it’s nice to increase your opportunities. The more people you know, the better your chances become. 

To read more about the process, please read on!


Find buyers

Whether you’re selling services or commodities, getting in touch with the right consultant, sales agent or importer can make all the difference. 

TO find out more about the process, please read on!


Find professionals

The right legal adviser, accountant or manager can make open up doors. However, freelancers and other professionals also add a huge amount of value to organisations. If you’re in search of a professional somewhere, I’d love to put you in contact with one, or someone in the given country to help you out further if possible.

To find out more about this process, please read on!



Find suppliers

Sourcing products and services can be difficult, especially when trust is a big issue and a simple Google search won’t cut it. I’d love to try to help you out with this issue!

To learn more about the process, please read on!



What are you talking about?

Simply put: I’m in search of open-minded people with an entrepreneurial STREAK interested in building out their network. It’s about increasing each other’s opportunities, adding value, and building relationships.

Below I’ve gone into detail on what exactly this means…

Open-minded & entrepreneurial

These terms should be taken in their broader sense. Anyone who’s happy to receive suggestions & opportunities from other people in the network as well as people happy to ask questions themselves is included. 

Add value

This is all about adding value to one another. Be ready to ask around in your own network in the same way as I do for you. This doesn’t have to mean you give away your contacts for free – quite the contrary in most case – but it does mean you should be willing to add value and at least have a think about a suggestion/opportunity you get sent.



Communication with me needs to be personal. No VA’s, no direct sales pitches (unless agreed upon) and you should be happy to pick up the phone should this be necessary, or even to meet up in person should we happen to be close by. This is about building long-term relationships and adding value to one another.


I won’t spam you with everything I get sent, it’s a personal connection not a direct sales channel. When we first make contact I ask you to send  an overview of what you do & interesting opportunities you or people you know may have for the network, you’ll also receive the same from me.

How to join

1. Open your email provider and start an email to hello[at] with “join” or something similar in the subject line. (Please use a suitable email that can be checked.)

2. Attach a document stating what you do, what you might be in search of or what you’re interested in (alternatively, we can have a call first). If you have people in your own network who do things worth mentioning or suppliers/buyers you have good relationships with, add this in too. (don’t worry all too much if something is missing, we can jump on a call or chat over email to get to know one another)

3. Add some links to your social media profiles, company registration details, reviews you’ve got etc… Add everything you can think of and that you’re comfortable to share which will help with the vetting.

Now send the email and you’re all done! I’ll get in touch with you as soon as I can and we can have a chat about how we can help each other out!


How do I join?

To join the network, please read this entire page carefully. Once you’ve done this, shoot me an email on hello[at] with “join the network” in the subject line. Feel free to attach an overview of what you do straight away

Who’s in your network?

It’s difficult for me to say as it really depends on what you’re looking for. Most people are very open, so 2nd and 3rd degree connections can also commonly be reached. Some examples are Entrepreneurs and CEO’s, Start-up founders, consultants, import/export professionals, professional service providers, students, developers, companies etc

Is this completely free?

Yes, I love talking business with people so it’s completely free. The whole idea behind it is to add value to everyone involved. This isn’t to say that you cannot get paid for value you add or commissions on the deals you help people with. This is left to each member’s own discretion, including myself.

What about commissions?

Commissions can be agreed upon by anyone in the network, but value should be added. Trust and business manners are of vital importance here. If there’s a lack of professionalism, trust or manners then you’ll stop receiving suggestions and will not be able to make your own anymore. It should be possible for everyone to connect people directly without issues arising for the best results; it shouldn’t have to be necessary for people bringing others in contact with one another to police the situation or run after the commissions agreed.

Do you offer guarantees?

Of course not… I cannot control what people do so there’s no way I can guarantee anything. Everyone is vetted to some extent prior to joining, but this can only go so far. If you ask I can send you a little background information if both parties agree on this to help promote trust (online profiles, if they’ve helped people out before, their registered company, met up in person or called, past issues etc). No networking is foolproof but there are a lot of steps that can be taken to build trust.

How are people vetted?

I always ask you to supply as much “proof” as possible on your legitimacy. This could include things like online profiles, company registration, reviews, referrals from people, contact details that can be verified etc. This is done at your own discretion. Networking isn’t for people who want to hide in the shadows or behind fake profiles! (please note, I only keep a basic overview in a database and do my best to keep all personally identifiable information safe.  If you’re anything like most, everything you provide should be public information though.

What do you call “opportunities?”

Opportunities are tailored to the information you provide about yourself and the things you do. If you’re extra open minded then you may receive an occasional unrelated opportunity in case you might know someone. Opportunities may be someone looking for work, an exporter in search of import consultants or someone looking for a business partner. I try to keep it all as relevant as possible and all communication is personal; this isn’t a mailing list! If you ever feel like you’d like more or less suggestions, shoot me a message and I’ll make sure to keep this in mind. 

I’m looking for something, or want to sell something, but don’t want to join your network, can I still ask?

Of course, but please be ready to supply information relating to you and your business. 

Is this just making contact with you or will I actually physically join a network I can leverage?

For now, you’re just getting in touch with me. That being said, I’m often happy to link you directly to people where needed. I’m still thinking of the best way of bringing everyone together, but ensure it stays personal and people don’t get spammed, it will stay like this for the time being!

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