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Digital Marketing Audit


A complete online marketing audit that gives you an overview of your online performance & points of leverage.

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A complete overview

Digital marketing can be highly profitable, but when not done right it’s downright expensive.

All your digital marketing is interlinked and an issue with just one channel can critically stunt your growth online.

A complete digital marketing audit helps identify weaknesses in your current setup, as well as your most important points of leverage for maximum results.


Your social media channels

A complete social media marketing audit helps you review your current performance on each channel 


Your website

A part of the audit that focuses on SEO, your website’s performance, and any limiting factors & points of leverage


Your branding & online presence

This part of the audit focusses on your consistency online, as well as various forms of earned media


Your competition

A digital marketing audit isn’t complete without your competition being covered. It’s added to each section to ensure the audit provides you with the valuable information you need to thrive online

Digital marketing audit

The Process

Research & information

All information needed to perform the audit is collected from you. After this, your main competitors are researched as well as the opportunities and challenges facing your industry.

Audit creation

In this step, the auditing is done. Social media, SEO, branding and reputation are all covered and ordered into a document. All audits are delivered together with a one-page overview and an explanation to ensure you know what to focus on to get the best results.


 Once the audit is complete, you receive it in the form that you choose and there’s time to discuss any questions you may have about the contents of the digital marketing audit.


There is no set fee for the digital marketing audit as it depends on many variables.

Please shoot me a message with some information about your business to receive a quote!


Price indication: A complete digital marketing audit usually ranges from $350 to $1500 (£280-£1190 or €310-€1325) depending on the size of your company and how large of a presence you have online. That being said, prices can be exceptionally more or less than this.

Note: There is also the possibility to order a channel-specific audit, like an SEO or social media audit. There’s no need to order the complete digital marketing audit if you only want a specific digital marketing channel audited.

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