Copywriting and content writing are used interchangeably. Unfortunately, they really aren’t the same thing. There’s a big difference between the two that seems to have been completely forgotten. In this article: Copywriting vs content writing!


What’s the difference between copywriting and content writing?

The difference between a content writer and a copywriter is important for you to know. Without this knowledge, it’s going to be hard for you to find the right kind of writer for your brand!

The borders between content writing and copywriting have blurred a lot over the years. Knowing the difference will make your search for a good writer a whole lot easier.

A copywriter is someone who writes to get the audience to take a specific action. This is often the writing of ad copy, emails & email newsletters, and website content.

Content writing and SEO writing is focussed more towards blog posts and website content. Are you just looking to educate your clients about industry-specific topics? Then a content writer will work fine.

Most copywriters will also do content writing. This is usually something they can do very well.

Content writers trying copywriting… Probably not as good of an idea.


Content writing

When writing content for your blog, for example, you’re focused on providing value to the reader. Along with this, you want your content to rank in the search engines and perform well.

Writing good content isn’t focused as much on getting the reader to act on something, as much as it is focused on creating helpful content that’s on brand and that will drive traffic.

A copywriter will usually create content that’s focussed on getting the reader to take action. If they’re used to content writing, then they’re bound to write high-quality blog posts since they know what makes people tick.

When it comes to writing content, you can expect to pay a price per word. In an hour, you can write quite a lot of good quality content if you’re a content writer. You don’t have to do as much research, and the research that you do is focused on providing value.

The most time-consuming part of copywriting is getting to know the product you’re selling, and the people you are selling to.

Content writing doesn’t need as much research in most cases.

That being said, there’s a difference between good content and great content. The difference is that great content will convert better, will get more people reading for long and is going to perform a lot better in general.

For SEO purposes and driving traffic, a good content writer is going to do the job. If they specialise in SEO writing then their content is bound to perform a lot better in the SERPs than most. However, if you’re a large organization, you’re going to benefit much more from a copywriter writing your blog posts.

It may even be better to combine the two for maximum results!

When is a content writer better?

Usually, for normal content for a normal site, a content writer will work fine. They’re going to be used to researching information and backing their articles up with data.

They should know how to write in your brand’s voice and will cut right to the chase.

On top of that, great content writers are going to know how to do the right research when it comes to competitor articles and SEO. They’re going to write content that performs extremely well in the search engines.



Copywriting is focussed on getting the reader to take a specific action. Good copywriters understand how people work and have a solid working knowledge of persuasion.

You want a copywriter to write your sales pages, any ads you have running, as well as things like meta descriptions, titles and CTA’s.

Normally, a good copywriter is going to be able to write great blog posts too, only they may not be able to do the SEO research and drive the traffic that a specialized content writer is. On top of that, they’re going to set you back a lot more.


When is a copywriter better?

A copywriter is better when you need the reader to take a specific action.

Your home page, sales pages, and ads should always be written by a copywriter. If you’ve got a large budget, then getting a copywriter to check up on the content that’s being produced will help improve the quality of the content you’re putting out there.



Are there copywriters that are also content writers?

Of course there are! There are even copywriters who call themselves content writers, and content writers that call themselves copywriters.

There are a lot of things that overlap between copywriting and content writing. If a copywriter learns about on-page SEO, how to do keyword research and competitor analysis, you have a great content writer.

If a content writer learned more about persuasion and getting readers to take action, you have a decent copywriter.

At the end of the day, these are just names. People call themselves whatever they want and there is more than enough time in a day to learn multiple subjects.

A specialist is great, but this doesn’t mean that someone who focusses on both isn’t better at both.

The only way you’ll know is by trying them out for yourself!

And let’s be honest… We call ourselves both anyway!



Content writing vs copywriting – When is it neither?

Everyone who can write in English can call themselves a “writer.” However, this makes you neither a copywriter nor a content writer.

There is a huge difference between well-written content/copy, and content/copy written by someone who claims to be.

Writing content for the web is much different than “normal” writing. Also, there are a lot of other things that come into play, like experience, knowledge of SEO, persuasion, psychology, analytics, marketing and branding.

Just because someone only charges $20 per hour for content writing, doesn’t mean they are a content writer… It just means they can write in English.



As you can see, there’s a distinct difference between copywriting and content writing. If the battle of copywriting vs content writing ever comes up in conversation, now you have an answer!

You should also be in a better position to hire the right copywriter for your business too. You can find out more about finding the right copywriter here.

If there’s anything you feel I’ve left out or you have any questions, please shoot me a message!

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