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Digital marketing is one of my passions and it’s something I love to write about. The topics I cover are mostly to do with inbound marketing (SEO, content marketing, social media, branding etc) but other forms of marketing interest me a lot too.

Examples of (digital) marketing content:

– The Guide To Developing A Content Strategy For Your Brand

 – How To Set Marketing Goals And Objectives

How do search engines work?

– Marketing Mix Definition – The 4 P’s, 7 P’s & 4 C’s Explained



Being a natural introvert and dedicated strange person, it was only a matter of time till I started delving into the depths of the human psych and philosophy. My interest in this topic started more than six years ago and I’ve consumed a lot of different theories, books and information. From Freud, Lohen and Jung to Socrates, Nietzsche and Seneca.

Examples of content on psychology:

Self-serving Bias – Why It’s Not Your Fault But It Is Your Victory

Loss Aversion – Are You Scared To Lose It All?

Scarcity – Are You A Sucker Without Knowing It?

Social Proof – Why Being A Sheep Helps You Think


When you spend time learning about psychology it’s only a matter of time before you start developing as a person. When you’re not growing you’re shrinking and self development has been a big part of my life for the past four years. 

Examples of self development content:

(Still to be added. Please message me for examples)




Having started multiple companies in the past (and failed at most), this is another topic I love talking about. Entrepreneurship stretches so much further than making a buck and “living the dream,” it’s a way for people to make change happen and impact the world in a positive manner. 

Some examples of business articles:

(Still to be added. Please message me for examples)


Who doesn’t love animals?! Growing up I had a lot of different pets, from the usual dogs and rabbits, to more unique pets like tortoises and gecko’s. Everyone loves animals and there’s nothing better than writing about things you have experience with.

 Examples of content on pets:


(Still to be added. Please contact me if you’d like examples of posts in the pet niche)


As communication barriers are broken down and the world becomes more of a whole, culture is becoming an important part of life. Culture makes people unique and adds some flavor to the world. Let’s keep it alive, together!

Examples of content on culture and religion:

(Still to be added. Please message me for examples)



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